We’re Thankful for Partner Churches

We’re Thankful for Partner Churches

Several days ago a young woman from All Nations Baptist Church in Woodhaven, NY e-mailed to say that they would be holding an international festival to emphasize missions. She and some friends had offered to represent Ecuador, and she was asking me if it would be okay to use information from our prayer letters and websites. “What a great idea! Absolutely! You may use anything you find. Check our newest website, anzalonesinecuador.com ” As you can see in the photo they did a great job of presenting Ecuador, and representing the Anzalone family. They had attractive decorations, photos, maps, information, and even food from Ecuador.


This reminds me of the many ways our partner churches assist us. Obviously, one important way is by sending monthly offerings to support our family and ministry. These monthly offerings are sent by individual churches to Baptist Bible Fellowship International (PO Box 191, Springfield, MO 65801). All funds sent to us through BBFI are credited to our account each month. None is held for office costs or other purposes without our consent. These same churches often add additional amounts for special projects or unusual needs. (Contact us by email anztony@gmail.com if you would like more information about giving for our ministry in Ecuador. There is an online donation option. Donate through BBFI)


The churches that support us, have become partners in ministry with us, so their involvement goes beyond sending money. Their prayers for us and for our ministry is very important. Some churches have prayer groups assigned to pray for us regularly. Others have designated individuals who correspond with us about our prayer needs. Some of our partner churches follow our blog, Facebook account (facebook.com/AnzPrayer), Twitter (twitter.com/AnzPrayer), or anzalonesinecuador.com to stay up-to-date on our daily activities and needs.


Some churches make a regular practice of writing to us, informing us of their activities, and inviting closer communication with them. This is often a blessing, giving us an opportunity to know each other better.


When we’re on furlough, as we have been for the last several months, we get to visit some of our ministry partners, but not all of them. In many cases, the time of our visit is short, and our entire family can’t always be present, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be faithful partners to one another, and enjoy a fruitful ministry relationship.


We’re thankful for our faithful partner churches!

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