Three-fold Journey, Stage 2

Three-fold Journey, Stage 2

Cuzco, Peru

After our river journey, Bruce Rainwater and I went to the Andean Region of Peru, to the beautiful old city of Cuzco. While we were there, we met with a number of CERT‘s ministry partners from the towns and villages outside of the city. We continued to encourage, build relationships, and talk about discipleship.

Two of the partners that we spent time with were Pastor Abel Caceres and his brother Abelardo Caceres. They minister in the town of Poroy and in villages in the mountains outside of Cuzco. We attended the Sunday morning service of their church in Poroy.

Pastor Abel and another local pastor
Pastor Abelardo and his wife

Both Bruce and I were asked to speak in the service, and then we had the privilege of hearing one of the young men of the church preach. We saw that people of all ages were attending the church and were being taught to follow Christ. The pastors shared with us about new churches they were starting and took us to visit one of them that now has its own pastor. We were very encouraged by what God has been doing through their ministry.

One of the young preachers
Children sharing what they had learned
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