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Prayer Needs for May 2018

Prayer Needs for May 2018

Thank you for keeping the Anzalones in Ecuador in your prayers. We are grateful for all the ways you support and encourage us. Please keep these prayer needs in mind as you pray for us during the next several months:

Prayer for Iglesia Bíblica Bautista in Manta

Manta church prayer needs

Prayer for the Multiply Ministry

Multiply ministry prayer needs

Prayer for the Anzalone family

Prayer for the Anzalones

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Back in Ecuador

Back in Ecuador

Anzalone Prayer Report October 2017

Trying Times

We returned to Ecuador on August 30, and arrived in Manta on September 1. We have encountered a number of challenges during the past several weeks. We are very aware of your prayers for us as a family, for the church in Manta, and for our minsitry in general.

We have been disappointed to learn that the ministry leadership team in Manta was very dysfunctional during our long absence. There was unresolved conflict, a lack of pastoral care and leadership, and evidence of dishonesty with church funds. Several members of the team left the church. Within a week of our return, the pastor resigned. Soon the remaining leaders asked us to guide the church through this difficult time, and the entire church membership gave its approval. We accepted the challenge and are once again preaching, teaching, leading, and counseling at Iglesia Bíblica Bautista de Manta. We have no idea how long we will be serving in these roles, but we believe this is God’s will for us now and until he makes it clear that we should step aside for others to lead.

We are faithfully directing the congregation to focus on the core truths: the saving message of the Gospel, the supremacy of Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the sovereign plan of God. We ask you to pray that this difficult time would be a starting point for revival and spiritual growth; and a catalyst for the multiplication of disciples, servant-leaders, and local churches. Pray with us for repentance, restoration, and renewal. Pray for new believers and young disciples to be confirmed in their faith, and for more mature disciples to renew their commitment to fellowship and service. We are seeing some positive signs: seven people are ready to be baptized this month. We are grateful that God has allowed us to be here at this time, and that you stand with all of us in prayer.

Next Step

Our home in the city is for sale, and we are actively seeking property in a rural area about a half-hour from Manta. We looked at a beautiful two-acre site just outside of a nature reserve. The owner has offered it to us for $27,000. It would be perfect for building our home, as well as a guest house, recreation area, and a pavillion for small group gatherings. This sort of property is a key part of our vision for serving Ecuadorian ministry families. We wish to provide hospitality to those who serve Jesus. Please pray with us for the sale of our house in Manta, and for God’s direction and provision to the place he has in mind. Please pray about giving especially for this project by designating an offering through BBFI (designate: Anzalone Ecuador Multiply).

Thank you for praying and giving.

For information about giving: How to Give

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Happy Easter and Earthquake Anniversary

Happy Easter and Earthquake Anniversary

April 2017

Christ is Risen Indeed!

Happy Easter! What a joy it is to worship and serve Jesus Christ our Risen Lord! This April 16, is the first anniversary of the earthquake that shook Manta and the coastal region of Ecuador. It was an event that God has used to influence us and our ministry in amazing ways. A good friend recently asked me if we were “over the earthquake.” I immediately said, “No!” Then I said more hesitantly, “I don’t think we’ll ever be over it completely.” Maybe we shouldn’t be. I don’t want to be.

Acts 16:26

One Bible passage in particular has served as a theme and an inspiration to our family and our ministry. I shared it with the little group that gathered at our church building on the day after, and tried to keep it fresh on our hearts throughout the following months.

Suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken; and immediately all the doors were opened and everyone’s chains were loosed (Acts 16:26).

  • Foundations Shaken – In an earthquake, buildings collapse because of faulty foundations. Earthquake experiences in life should cause us to evaluate the values and beliefs that form our foundation for life. Jesus Christ and his teachings are a solid rock upon which a wise person constructs his life (Matthew 7:24-25). Have you checked your life’s foundation?
  • Doors Open – Open doors are often equated with opportunities for ministry and border-crossing missional living. We had unprecedented opportunities to serve and speak in Jesus name. Because so many of you were giving and praying (and even coming to serve with us), we could act as Christ’s amassadors in expressing compassion, mercy, and grace. Many doors opened for the Gospel to be seen and heard. What doors for ministry has God opened for you?
  • Chains Broken – Paul, Silas, and the other prisoners were free physically, but even more amazingly, the jailer and his family were freed spiritually by the Gospel of Christ on the night of the earthquake in Philippi (Acts 16:27-34). In Manta, many in our congregation experienced greater freedom for service than ever before. Others embraced the freedom that comes through life-giving faith in Christ. Are you living in the freedom that Jesus Christ promises?

Thank you for praying and giving.

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Latest Prayer Report

Latest Prayer Report

February, 2017

12th Anniversary of our Church in Manta

Our church in Manta, Iglesia Bíblica Bautista de Manta, celebrated its 12th anniversary of ministry.  It gives us joy to see the church moving forward, continuing to grow as a community of God’s grace and service. Pastor Darwin reports that people are coming to know and follow Jesus through the ministries of the church in Manta and in La Revancha.

What will we do next?

During the past few months, many people have asked, “What will you guys be doing next?” We asked that question for over a year by prayer, in conversation with trusted friends and counselors, and as we worked with the Manta church through earthquake relief and the leadership transition. We believe that God has led us to continue our service in Ecuador in a ministry of multiplication: helping local churches multiply disciples, servant-leaders, and local churches.

How will we do it?

Here are some of the ways we plan to serve for multiplication:

• Build and strengthen relationships with pastors, churches, and ministry leaders beginning in Manta and extending throughout Ecuador.

• Provide materials and training to local churches for discipleship and leadership development; and teach or preach wherever needed in support of those ministries.

• Encourage, coach, and assist pastors and local churches to develop and implement strategies for church planting in their area.

• Give hospitality at our home to pastors, along with their wives and families, for times of respite and renewal, to meet with them for prayer, counsel, and encouragement in a relaxed setting.

• Make connections between our ministry partners in the USA and church planters in Ecuador for relationships and resources.

Where will we live?

We believe that we can be most effective by maintaining our connection to the church in Manta and serving its ministry leaders. Our family can continue to be a part of church life where we are known and loved. We would like to live in a more rural setting, but not too far from the city. When we return to Ecuador later this year, we plan to sell our home and buy property within a 30-minute drive of the city, in a more natural environment, with space for the hospitality aspects of our family ministry. We estimate that we’ll need to raise up to $50,000 for construction.

Will you pray with us about these plans for our future ministry? Will you pray for God’s guidance to the best location for our family home? Will you ask God what he would allow you to invest financially in this exciting stage of our ministry?

Thank you for praying and giving.

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