Property Purchase and “Multiply” Ministry

Property Purchase and “Multiply” Ministry

Planning for our “Multiply” Ministry

For the past year or more we have been making plans and taking steps to get the next stage of our ministry, “Multiply,” up and running. The emphasis of our ministry vision is multiplication of disciples, servant/leaders, and local churches. We want to help pastors and churches around Ecuador to be more effective in multiplication. The vision has a few aspects that we are planning and getting underway:

  • 1) Make simple discipleship and training materials available to pastors and local churches.
  • 2) Provide short-term teaching and training on-site in local churches around Ecuador.
  • 3) Offer hospitality to pastors, ministries, and short-term missionaries at our home.

For part 3 we have located a property in a rural area outside of Manta where we can build our family home and a guest house, with some space for relaxation and recreation, as well as an area for small group meetings.

Anzalone property

Where is it?

Here are the coordinates. Clicking on them will take you to the right spot on the map.

1°04’33.7″S 80°50’53.3″W

It is just a 20 minute drive southwest of Manta, near the small town of El Aromo, where you leave a very arid climate zone and enter a much greener, more tropical environment at the edge of the Pacoche Wildlife Refuge. Near a semi-humid forested area, and a short distance from the Pacific Ocean, the temperature is cooler than Manta, and the plants and trees are abundant.

Property seller with Anzalones

We have an agreement to buy about 2 acres for $27,000. So far we have paid $11,000. So there is just $16,000 left to raise. You can help us to reach the goal of buying the property by giving especially for this project and the Multiply ministry.

Meanwhile we have a design for our home, and some ideas for developing the rest of the property. Much of the cost of our home construction and site development will come from the sale of our home in Manta, but we will also need your help.

How can you give?

You can help us with this project by giving to our ministry through Baptist Bible Fellowship International (BBFI) and designating your gift for the Multiply ministry. You may give by mail or on-line. The How to Give page on our website provides the address for BBFI and instructions that are easy to follow. Click here to go to the How to Give page.

Be sure that your check or online donation is directed to the “Anzalones in Ecuador — Multiply.”


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