From Pastor Tim Duggins

From Pastor Tim Duggins

A note from Pastor Tim Duggins

Mountain View Chapel:

Dear Anzalone Ministry Partners:

Lori and I have had the privilege of knowing Tony and Joy Anzalone since college. It has been our privilege to partner with them since we launched Mountain View Chapel over ten years ago. We function with them as participants on our leadership team. To walk life with them has only created a greater level of confidence in their pursuit of Christ. They are faithful servants of our Lord Jesus and His church. We stand with them as they walk a new path of ministry involvement. 

We are excited to deepen our partnership with the Anzalone family by processing gifts through our ministry. 

Checks may be mailed to MVC/Anzalone at 732 Covered Bridge Dr., Madison, Virginia 22727 or give online at Anzalone)

An end of year statement will be sent to reflect support of the Anzalone family during the year. Our church is committed to these members of our family. We continue to have great expectations of their impact with Spanish and English-speaking people groups.

Please continue your partnership with the Anzalone family along with us.

Thank you,

Timothy P. Duggins

Lead Pastor, Mountain View Chapel

1529 Willis Rd

Madison, VA 22727




“Multiply Disciples-Leaders-Churches”

Our vision is to see disciples, servant-leaders, and healthy churches multiply through means of biblical teaching, mentoring, and partnership all over the world.

We continually pursue global international opportunities, especially in Ecuador where Iglesia Bíblica Bautista de Manta is the primary place for the execution of our strategy. From there, it can be duplicated in other countries. We also pursue discipleship, leadership development, and church planting wherever and however those opportunities present themselves at home in the United States.


  • Discipleship materials for all believers, new and old, available on-line for download.
  • Onsite visits with churches to promote discipleship in sermons, conferences, and seminars.
  • Continual follow-up with churches to encourage them in disciple making.

Leadership Training:

  • Personal sessions with church leaders on the field to assist in building relationships and influencing their leadership style toward Christ-like servanthood.
  • On-line sessions with leaders for Bible study and leadership growth.
  • Encouraging and equipping national church leaders to coach and mentor other growing leaders in their churches.

Church Planting:

  • With shared vision, we encourage national church leaders to pursue healthy church life in their discipleship and leadership models, because healthy churches multiply.
  • Identification and development of potential church planters in national churches.
  • Building relationships with other churches and leaders for the purpose of church planting.

At Home and in the USA:

  • Participate fully in the discipleship and missions ministries of our church.
  • Minister to internationals in our community, especially those from Latin America.
  • Visit partner churches to report on what God is doing in, around, and through us.
  • Visit partner churches to encourage them to be active disciple-makers at home and around the world, including preparation and support of short-term missions.
  • Develop Christian servant-leaders through local church ministry.

All Strategies Include:

  • Free written material in the form of lessons and study guides.
  • Free on-line material such as Bible studies and courses in video and other formats.
  • Frequent on-line individual and group interaction and mentoring.
  • Personal and/or team trips to the field at least 4 times each calendar year.
Three-fold Journey, Stage 3

Three-fold Journey, Stage 3

Bruce Rainwater and I had spent 10 days in Peru visiting ministry partners who had worked with CERT over the years. Our next stage of the journey was in Ecuador, where we would visit our church in Manta, encourage the ministry leaders there and present the possibility of CERT assisting in future church planting in the towns and villages surrounding Manta.

We had the privilege of visiting some of the church’s ministry leaders in their homes, where we were welcomed us with typically warm hospitality. We also attended a Wednesday night prayer meeting, and both of us were invited to speak to the congregation.

In the home of Julio and Jenny
Prayer meeting

As in the other stages of the journey, we talked with the men of the ministry team about the importance of discipleship. Intentional men’s discipleship has been one of the key ingredients for establishing a strong church in Manta. We are grateful for the men who continue to serve the church. It was a joy to spend and evening with them. We gave them each a towel as a reminder of Jesus’ method of serving as he led and made disciples.

Geovanny, Cristobal, and Luis
With the men of the ministry team
Towels remind us of service

One of the highlights of our trip was visiting the Bonsai program at Iglesia Bíblica Bautista de Manta. We are thankful for the impact our church has in our community because of the Gospel.

Bonsai after-school program
Three-fold Journey, Stage 2

Three-fold Journey, Stage 2

Cuzco, Peru

After our river journey, Bruce Rainwater and I went to the Andean Region of Peru, to the beautiful old city of Cuzco. While we were there, we met with a number of CERT‘s ministry partners from the towns and villages outside of the city. We continued to encourage, build relationships, and talk about discipleship.

Two of the partners that we spent time with were Pastor Abel Caceres and his brother Abelardo Caceres. They minister in the town of Poroy and in villages in the mountains outside of Cuzco. We attended the Sunday morning service of their church in Poroy.

Pastor Abel and another local pastor
Pastor Abelardo and his wife

Both Bruce and I were asked to speak in the service, and then we had the privilege of hearing one of the young men of the church preach. We saw that people of all ages were attending the church and were being taught to follow Christ. The pastors shared with us about new churches they were starting and took us to visit one of them that now has its own pastor. We were very encouraged by what God has been doing through their ministry.

One of the young preachers
Children sharing what they had learned
Three-fold Journey, Stage 1

Three-fold Journey, Stage 1

In March I (Tony) accompanied Bruce Rainwater of Christian Emergency Relief Teams (CERT) to Peru to visit CERT’s ministry partners in remote areas along the Madre de Dios River and then around Cuzco. After visiting Peru, we would visit our church in Manta, Ecuador. The goals for the trip were to encourage the pastors, to build relationships, and to emphasize the importance of discipling men for stronger churches.

Bruce Rainwater
Bruce Rainwater

After we arrived in Puerto Maldonado, Peru, Pastor Tomás Deza and his wife Norma escorted us up-river several hours by car and then boat to where they serve in Boca Manu. We had the privilege of preaching in the church there, and also in a couple of other locations along the river where they are planting churches. Please pray for these faithful servants who have been laboring for 12 years under very difficult conditions.

Pastor Tomás
Pastor Tomás
Norma teaching children
Norma teaching children

In addition to preaching in church services, Bruce and I had opportunities to talk with Pastor Tomás and men in the churches about the importance of discipleship, of carrying out the primary command of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and reproducing by multiplication as the Apostle Paul instructed Timothy (2 Timothy 2:2). We modeled what this kind of discipleship might look like in their setting with individuals and groups.

Discipleship 1
Discipleship one-on-one
Discipleship 2
Discipleship group

When we returned to Puerto Maldonado, we visited with some of the missionaries there, including Dan and Ruthie Nagao and their children. We hoped to encourage them, and they certainly encouraged us.

Dan and Ruthie Nagao
Dan and Ruthie Nagao family
Church in Manta 14th Anniversary

Church in Manta 14th Anniversary

14th anniversary IBB Manta

Our church in Manta, Iglesia Bíblica Bautista de Manta, celebrated its 14th anniversary in February 2019. We are thankful to God for the way the church has grown and makes an impact for Christ.

The men and women of the ministry leadership team did a lot of hard work in organizing an anniversary dinner. We are thankful for the faithfulness and spiritual growth of those who serve the church.

IBB Manta anniversary 14
ESL Course

ESL Course

ESL Certification Course

Tony recently had the opportunity to take an ESL certification course hosted by Knoxville Internationals Network (KIN).

Carol Waldo of KIN hosted the event, and Susan Bell of Carson-Newman College was our outstanding instructor. KIN offers this course multiple times each year. Many churches offer English instruction to adults as a service to their communities and an opportunity for making disciples of Christ among all peoples.

Trip to Ecuador May-June 2018

Trip to Ecuador May-June 2018

Map Florida to Ecuador

Two weeks in Manta

On May 24, I (Tony) will be traveling from Florida to Quito, Ecuador. The next day I will continue traveling to Manta. I will be busy in ministry during my time there, meeting with church leaders and fellow missionaries, preaching and teaching, as well as taking care of family concerns.  I will hold a meeting with the current members of the church, and will give a seminar for prospective members. While there, I may administer baptisms and baby dedications, and probably will have some office hours for counseling. Another important task will be preparing for a visiting missions team that will be going to Manta in July.

My return to the USA is scheduled for June 6. Please pray that this will be an productive time for the church in Manta, and that I will be healthy and get adequate rest while I’m there.

Please pray for our family while I am away. Joy and the kids will be staying with our daughter Lexi and son-in-law Jonathan Taylor and their kids in Altamonte Springs, FL. Grandpa Wille will be staying with his long-time pastor friend in the same city.

Prayer Needs for May 2018

Prayer Needs for May 2018

Thank you for keeping the Anzalones in Ecuador in your prayers. We are grateful for all the ways you support and encourage us. Please keep these prayer needs in mind as you pray for us during the next several months:

Prayer for Iglesia Bíblica Bautista in Manta

Manta church prayer needs

Prayer for the Multiply Ministry

Multiply ministry prayer needs

Prayer for the Anzalone family

Prayer for the Anzalones