“Multiply Disciples-Leaders-Churches”

Our vision is to see disciples, servant-leaders, and healthy churches multiply through means of biblical teaching, mentoring, and partnership all over the world.

We continually pursue global international opportunities, especially in Ecuador where Iglesia Bíblica Bautista de Manta is the primary place for the execution of our strategy. From there, it can be duplicated in other countries. We also pursue discipleship, leadership development, and church planting wherever and however those opportunities present themselves at home in the United States.


  • Discipleship materials for all believers, new and old, available on-line for download.
  • Onsite visits with churches to promote discipleship in sermons, conferences, and seminars.
  • Continual follow-up with churches to encourage them in disciple making.

Leadership Training:

  • Personal sessions with church leaders on the field to assist in building relationships and influencing their leadership style toward Christ-like servanthood.
  • On-line sessions with leaders for Bible study and leadership growth.
  • Encouraging and equipping national church leaders to coach and mentor other growing leaders in their churches.

Church Planting:

  • With shared vision, we encourage national church leaders to pursue healthy church life in their discipleship and leadership models, because healthy churches multiply.
  • Identification and development of potential church planters in national churches.
  • Building relationships with other churches and leaders for the purpose of church planting.

At Home and in the USA:

  • Participate fully in the discipleship and missions ministries of our church.
  • Minister to internationals in our community, especially those from Latin America.
  • Visit partner churches to report on what God is doing in, around, and through us.
  • Visit partner churches to encourage them to be active disciple-makers at home and around the world, including preparation and support of short-term missions.
  • Develop Christian servant-leaders through local church ministry.

All Strategies Include:

  • Free written material in the form of lessons and study guides.
  • Free on-line material such as Bible studies and courses in video and other formats.
  • Frequent on-line individual and group interaction and mentoring.
  • Personal and/or team trips to the field at least 4 times each calendar year.
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