Visit to Manta, Ecuador

Visit to Manta, Ecuador

February 13 to 17, we had the privilege of being in Manta, Ecuador. We truly enjoyed being reunited with our church family at Iglesia Bīblica Bautista de Manta. We were invited to join a meeting of the pastors and deacons. Joy spoke with the wives and Tony with the husbands. We talked about teamwork, communication, and solving problems in ministry. We shared about our new ministry roles, and how the Live Global Team might be of service to them in the future. On Sunday, Joy spoke to the women’s Bible class about the Servant of the Lord in Isaiah, and Tony spoke to the men about the church in Antioch from the book of Acts. The congregation filled the building with joyful worship. Tony preached about “The Door God Opened to the Nations” emphasizing global Christian missions. It was a brief but encouraging trip to visit people we love.

Joy with women of the ministry team of IBB Manta
Tony with the men of the ministry team of IBB Manta
Tony preaching at IBB Manta
Sunday morning Women’s Bible Class IBB Manta


One thing we love about Live Global is partnership.

God invites us into partnership.

“For we are God’s fellow workers … “ 1 Corinthians 3:9

Partnerships are healthy, working relationships. God invites all of his family to work together with Him. We are also called to serve in partnership relationships with one another. Fellowship, communication, and trust are basic to strong partnerships. 

The Live Global Team serves through partnerships.

  • Team members—serving together and combining unique knowledge, talents, and gifts
  • National ministry leaders—we serve, encourage, and enhance their fruitful ministries
  • Senders—praying, giving, and getting involved in projects alongside national workers

The Principal Partner in all of this is the Lord of the Harvest.

Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” Matthew 9:38

You can explore Live Global Partnerships starting here:



One thing we love about Live Global is Teamwork.

We are loving being part of a team that prays for one another, works together, and keeps the vision in focus. Everyone uses their talents, gifts, and experiences as part of the team. Together we support, encourage, and enhance the outstanding minsitries carried out by our friends and partners around the world. This is a New Testament missions principle. From Acts 20:4-5 we can infer that there were 9 people from 7 different places working together during Paul’s Third Missionary Journey! We all have a role to play on the team. Although we joined Live Global just a few months ago and are still raising funds toward full support, we already have opportunities to contribute to the global team. When you pray, give, communicate, and encourage, you are part of the team too! 

Building Bridges

Building Bridges

What is your ministry with Live Global?

One way to describe our ministry as part of the Live Global Team is by thinking of a bridge. We help to build relationship bridges between people who want to reach the nations with the Good News. In this video, Tony uses a bridge to illustrate our ministry.

Partnership Update #1

Partnership Update #1

First Goal Reached: 25%

Since we are members of the Live Global Team one of our first priorities is to build a team of praying and giving partners who will pray for us, encourage us, and be used by God to provide our family needs and ministry support. This team makes it possible for us to dedicate ourselves completely to developing international partnerships and strong relationships for the Gospel. They are also the most likely churches and individuals to come alongside our international friends in the near future. They will be helping, encouraging, and training our global partners for effective ministry.

We got started in the months of November and December by seeing 24 donor churches and individuals give through ABWE for our Live Global ministry. They generously provided over 25% of our monthly support requirement! That is a great start, but we have a lot of work to do to reach our required support level. The next goal is to cross the 33% plateau — one third. We would love to break through that mark by the end of February. Please join us, our partners, and teammates in building effective Gospel relationships to reach, teach, train, and equip God’s people around the world. Will you pray for God to provide our full support team?

Cuba Trip December 2019

Cuba Trip December 2019

In early December 2019 Tony traveled to Jatibonico, Cuba with one of our Live Global teammates.
Jatibonico is in the center of the island.
Primera Iglesia Bautista in Jatibonico
The spacious church was beautifully decorated for Christmas.
We traveled around Jatibonico by horse and cart.
The church that meets here is preparing to build.
Live Global partnerships make a big difference.
Pray for our church-planting partners in Cuba.
You can have a part in these projects through Live Global.
It is exciting to see these growing congregations.
Pray for those who advance the Gospel in Cuba.
Pray for God to call more laborers into his harvest.
November Newsletter

November Newsletter

November 2019

We were officially appointed to the Live Global Team of ABWE.

Joy and Tony sporting Live Global t-shirts!

We are very excited about the opportunity God has given us to work with a terrific family who are building relationships with national servant-leaders who minister around the globe. It will be a joy to serve partners in Latin America and wherever else God may open the door. We look forward to engaging churches in North America in the wonderful things God is doing to bring all nations to the Savior. Our calling and goals are the same as they’ve always been, but the vision is bigger than we had ever imagined before!

As part of the Live Global Team our ministry will be funded through ABWE. We are asking God to build a team of partners who will walk with us in prayer and financial support. You may give online at

or give by check made payable to ABWE, with “Anzalone #0170921” in the memo line, mailed to ABWE Donor Services, PO Box 8585, Harrisburg, PA 17105.

We are grateful to Mountain View Chapel for walking with us through our transition. Pastor Tim Duggins and the MVC church family have gone above and beyond to serve.

God is doing great things in Cuba.

Thank you to those who supported Tony in going to Cuba, whether by prayer or financially. It was amazing to meet the GlaDios ministry team and attend their youth missions conference. Over 200 young people were engaged and motivated about their role in fulfilling the Great Commission. Please pray for the GlaDios ministry as they help churches send missionaries to reach the people of Cuba and other nations of the world. Pray for the Live Global Team to be faithful to serve them as partners. You can see more about GlaDios on their Facebook page:

Teddy had a wonderful experience in Nicaragua.

Thank you to those who supported and prayed for our son Teddy in going to Nicaragua. He had a wonderful experience with his church discipleship group. The young men and adult leaders provided a discipleship conference to several churches. Teddy was the primary translator for his teammates. He translated over 10 hours of their teaching. We’re thankful for what God is doing in Teddy’s life and for what he has in store for him.

Thank you all for the multiple ways you make our ministry possible. Pray for us to be faithful in our purpose to help multiply disciples, servant-leaders, local churches, and missions movements.

Prayer Please

Prayer Please

We have a lot of things going on in October 2019. The first thing we’re going to do is entertain four of our grandchildren for a week. That will be fun! We ask your prayers for some of our ministry opportunities this month.

Tony to Cuba

Cuba map

A couple of months ago, Tony was invited to join two team members from Live Global to visit a group of young missionary church planters in Cuba. As we prayed about it, we also asked God to supply the financial resources needed for the trip. God supplied more than enough. From October 16 to 21, the team will travel to Santiago de Cuba. We’ll be observing and encouraging Cuban servant-leaders. Pray that God would allow us to build relationships with those who are serving Christ in Cuba. Please pray with us about this trip.

Teddy to Nicaragua

Nicaragua map

Our son Teddy will be going to Nicaragua on a mission trip with some of the young men and leaders of his discipleship group at church. The team will be leading a discipleship conference from October 24 to 28. Teddy will be doing a lot of translating for the conference teachers. Teddy has always been a big help when we hosted short-term teams in Ecuador. He is excited about going on his first missions trip. Pray that Teddy and the discipleship team will be a blessing.

Tony and Joy to Pennsylvania

In August, we began the application process to join Live Global, a ministry of ABWE (Association of Baptists for World Evangelism). We have had conversations and interviews with members of the Live Global and ABWE team. Next, Tony and Joy will attend New Member Orientation at the ABWE headquarters at their beautiful location near Harrisburg, PA. From October 24 to 31, we’ll participate in intensive training in all things related to being ABWE Live Global missionaries. The ABWE leadership will interview us more extensively. Then the leaders will decide on our approval and appointment to serve with Live Global. Please be praying with us about this important week. We hope to have an important announcement on November 1!

Medical Clinic at Manta Church

Medical Clinic at Manta Church

Medical team prayer
Team members from Missouri and Manta gather for prayer before seeing patients.

Several years ago, Stephen and Robin Wright visited our church in Manta. They were recent retirees from Missouri, working on their Spanish and getting settled in the community. Steve and Robin said that they were Members on Mission from their home church, Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in Liberty, MO. Their plan was to lend a hand in churches and ministries, and to be available to assist missionaries however they could. Since then we’ve grown to love and appreciate the Wrights. They have become our friends, and have become part of our church family. The Wrights have assisted Iglesia Bíblica Bautista in Manta to build a relationship with their home church.

Short-term missions with a purpose

During the past few years Pleasant Valley has sent visitors and teams to observe, to pray, to serve, to assist, to evangelize, to train, and to build relationships. Their philosophy for short term mission trips is not to do things “for” the national church. They want to do things “with” the national church. They hope to enable and inspire our IBB Manta church family to reach their community for Christ. Then the church can extend its reach, and do missions as they’ve observed and participated with the Pleasant Valley teams. Cultural barriers erode and bonds fellowship have developed.

Sharing the love of God and the Gospel at the clinic.

In September, PVBC sent a medical team to do outreach with the Manta church in the communities immediately around the church building. Medical professionals form Missouri worked with their colleagues from Manta. The Manta church family took responsibility for evangelism and follow-up of every person who came to seek medical attention. People’s physical needs were cared for, and their spiritual need was addressed too. Several people came to faith in Christ as a result.