Our Story

Our Story

Tony and Joy became BBFI missionaries to Ecuador in 1988. Their sending church is Great Lakes Baptist Temple in Flint, MI. After deputation and one year of language study in Mexico, they arrived in Quito, Ecuador in 1991 with three daughters–Amanda, Ashley, and Alexis. In 2003, the Anzalones adopted their son David (Teddy), and they adopted Carla and Matthew in 2010. Tony and Joy have ten grandchildren.

During their first several years in Ecuador, the Anzalones worked in and around Quito, Ecuador’s capital city. They served in church planting, leadership training, and Christian education ministries. In 2005, they started a church in the port city of Manta. Emphasizing discipleship and training a nucleus of servant-leaders. The church in Manta has active evangelism, discipleship, service, and missions ministries; ministers effectively to all ages; and is prepared to serve as a launching pad for more church planting in its region of Ecuador.

family together 1
Our family all together, Christmas 2013
First time to have all six of our children together! December, 2013
8 of our 10 grand children! What a blessing they are to us!! Christmas, 2013
Our Family at home in Manta. February, 2016

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